Woven into the mountains of Appalachia, along the scenic New River in Southern West Virginia, lies the quaint city of Hinton.


Hinton is a "Railroad Town", formed about 1871 with the tremendous building boom that occurred during the Gay '90s period from 1890 to1920.


The glory of the train days have come and gone, of course, leaving in its wake a community that today is rich in history and natural beauty. The downtown Historic District, officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 17, 1984, is an architectural gem waiting to be discovered.


Included in the Hinton Historic District are 200 buildings - churches, store fronts, and private residences displaying the varying architecture of American Gothic, Classical, High Victorian, American Four Square and Greek Revival styles.


Surrounded by natural beauty Hinton is the gateway community to the New River Gorge National River, as well as Bluestone and Pipestem State Parks. These parks provide many opportunities for outdoor recreation.


Hinton has seen a past full of excitement and growth; and the present is full of enthusiasm and perseverance. A new day has begun for Hinton and Summers County with people visiting and enjoying, sharing our natural beauty, our history, our recreation, and our business and industrial growth.