Arts Creo – Community Theatre

Arts Creo was created in 2009 by Zack Merritt and Ashleigh Gill. The group is composed entirely of volunteers with a simple dedication to the art of theater. These individuals seek to serve as an outlet of creative force for those in the community (and surrounding communities) who have an interest in any of theater’s many facets, while also providing a rare opportunity for those in their communities to experience original, high-quality art at no charge. It is an example of the power of a small group of talented individuals to change their society by joining forces in creativity, dedication, and selfless artistic passion.

The Ritz Theater has recently been remodeled and reopened, providing a venue for movies, plays, and music. Follow the link to find out what’s happening this week at The Ritz,

Otter & Oak is an Outfitter & Art Gallery
Showcasing the work of over 40 local artists in a beautifully restored building in Historic Downtown Hinton 304-466-4870

Hinton Railroad Museum
206 Temple Street Hinton, WV 25951 • (304) 466-6100
Hinton Railroad Museum opened May 26, 1991, with many artifacts of the C & O Railway. Looking for a gift for a railroad buff, visit our gift shop. Admission is free, we operate on donations only. Located at 206 Temple Street in Hinton’s Historic District. 

Hinton has a number of artists who living and working in the area, practicing a variety of styles and mediums.

Carl Thompson- Stained Glass Artist
offers stained glass classes for info contact

Austin Persinger- Absurdist Paintings and Illustration

Phyllis Campbell Whitley- Photographer and Writer

Keith Adkins-Photographer and Musician

The Cross Country Band – Country Bluegrass Gospel

Debra J. Clark- Painted Slates

Jonathan Hartwell- Appollo Cigar Box Guitars

If you wish to be listed please send an email to with your information.