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Jim Leslie

James A. “Jim” Leslie, Jr., is a life-long resident of Hinton and began his public service in 1973 when he was elected to serve a 2-year term of office as Councilman. He went on to serve the City of Hinton as its Mayor for eighteen (18) years (1983-2001).

Leslie says there was much more to be done and contribute to the City’s economic and community growth and decided to seek a term on the City Council. He began his role in the current governing body with a new 4-year term of office that began July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2024. “I will always have the love of my hometown in my heart. As a Council member, my commitment is to improve services that are vital to Hinton, services to all the residents of the city, not just those who share my views or those who voted for me. These essential services include community health, public safety, land use and planning, parks, public works such as street maintenance, water, sewer, storm water management and economic and community activity. To accomplish this commitment teamwork is required by the members of this governing body, working together to move the agenda forward, build trust, and create a civic culture of mutual respect that makes progress possible.”

Jim and his wife, Carla, reside in Hinton and are the proud parents of four (4) children:  Derrick (Missy); Brian Bowling(Michelle); Heath (Brooke); and Heather. They enjoy two (2) grandsons and four (4) granddaughters.

For past, present and future information, please visit Jim’s website at:  www.JimLeslie2020.com